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Front Page!

… Because Salma Hayek sells papers!

Will Salma Hayek save newspapers?

Will Salma Hayek save newspapers?

Got myself a nice front page spread off the “Grown Ups” set on Monday. Walking around Southboro yesterday, I noticed that the Herald was either sold out or down to the last copy at a few places. Not too shabby!

Haven’t had a chance to pick up today’s paper, but I doubt anything I got from yesterday’s shoot got anything near the treatment I got from Monday’s stuff. Either way, nice to put my hometown on the map!

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Hollywood to Southborough

I never thought I’d be playing the paparazzi in my hometown of Southborough, a sleepy little town about 20 miles west of Boston. But, stranger things have happened in my photo career.

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Adam Sandler and his buddies scouted the town a few months back for a movie called “Grown Ups,” settling on the Pilgrim Church on Main Street to shoot a funeral scene that sets up the film. Judging from the way Rob Schneider was dressed, I’m guessing it’s a comedy.

I went up there to get some shots of the stars on the first day of filming yesterday for the Herald. Not a bad gig, as I had been planning on checking it out at some point this week. Filming took place inside the church, due to some cloudy weather, so not a lot to be had until they came outside.

Most of the stars were very gracious and humble, and a there were¬† a lot of easy pictures to be had. Schneider in particular was a little too happy to see me, but hey, at least he wasn’t throwing a phone at me, Russell Crowe-style.

Herald’s got me going back a few times later this week. I’ll probably check it out later today and then get a haircut.