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Keep In Flight

One of my photojournalism mentors, John H. White, has a catch phrase: Keep In Flight. It’s his philosophy in life, and it could be interpreted a bunch of ways that I’ll let you dwell on for awhile.

Anyway, John made a habit out of photographing birds in flight, pretty much whenever he sees one, and he’d be sure to point out any birds in flight in our pictures when he taught my class in college.

This is my take on “Keep in Flight,” only I go for the biggest birds — Planes! I snapped this frame while waiting for Conan O’Brien to arrive at the Kennedy Library Foundation dinner earlier tonight. Conan showed up about 30 minutes late, so I had plenty of time to find ways to occupy myself…

5.23.2010 — BOSTON — A flight bound for Logan International Airport descends above the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Dorchester, Mass. on May 23, 2010.

Bigger is Better

I thought I’d take some time today to do a little bit of updating to the blog layout, spicing things up by making the content pages much wider to accommodate, you guessed it, bigger photos. Small just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, so a few extra pixels should come in handy presenting my latest endeavors in the photo world.

Here are a few snaps I made on yet another beautiful day outside. Apparently, pilots can now fly planes like these while on anti-depressants. How about that?

4.5.2010 — SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. — A twin-propeller plane flies above Southborough, Mass.

4.5.2010 — SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. — An AirTran flight heads south over the skies above Southborough, Mass.