The Gameface

 (Kelvin Ma)

Most serious athletes have some type of ritual that they go through on game day. Sometimes it’s clothing, like a lucky sock. Wade Boggs was famous for eating a whole chicken before his games. Even for me, during my high school soccer days, I would eat two McDonald’s cheeseburgers before games.

This past Memorial Day weekend, I was on the road once again with the Tufts men’s lacrosse team as they sought to defend their national championship title from last year. I decided to try something different for pregame this time around, having shot a bunch of the guys applying eye black in the locker room last time. While the guys were going through their pregame routines, I snapped a quick headshot portrait of each of the guys who wear eye black as they were getting themselves in the zone. Lacrosse helmets being what they are, pregame is really the only opportunity to see any faces before the whistle blows.

Each one of their faces was slightly different with their designs. Some listened to music, others paced the room, and some just sat in quiet meditation at their lockers — Whatever it takes to get mentally prepared for the biggest game of their college careers.

I guess it worked, because this time, the Jumbos won big time, 19-11, in a national championship game that was only close for one half of the first quarter. More on that in a later blog post. In the meantime, check out these portraits.

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