Moving In to Tufts

One of my favorite parts about working for Tufts University is the opportunity to showcase students who might not otherwise get the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong — There are a lot of extremely talented students here that are often the first ones highlighted by the folks in marketing and admissions, and they’re almost always the exception compared to the average student. When it comes down to finding relatable personalities, I often look elsewhere.

This year, I was able to work on a joint project with my colleague, Alonso Nichols, as we highlighted the journey of two students, Anna Rodriguez and Mateo Galeano. Both of these students are part of the BLAST (Bridge to Liberal Arts Success at Tufts) and BEST (Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts) programs, respectively, which cater to underserved high schools, first-generation students, and/or college placement programs. Anna was coming 15 minutes up I-93 from Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, getting dropped off by her parents before they had to go to work, while Mateo was hopping on a Greyhound bus by himself from Queens, N.Y. – both neighborhoods that might otherwise be foreign to the typical Tufts University undergraduate.

Our goal was simply to show Anna’s and Mateo’s journey to Medford.

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