The Uniform

Before school started back up at Tufts, I spent some time scouting around for an interesting incoming freshman to profile before he arrived on campus. After a little bit of digging and an assist from my colleague Justin Ide over at Harvard, I was knocking on the door of the Boston Navy ROTC consortium.

09/21/2011- Medford/Somerville, R.I. - Vadim Reytbalt, E15, walks through campus in his khaki Navy uniform on Sep. 21, 2011. (Kelvin Ma/Tufts University)

There, I was introduced to Vadim Reytblat, the only representative from Tufts University in the five-school Navy ROTC consortium. Here’s the multimedia piece that I worked on in preparation for his arrival on campus.

You can check out the full presentation over at TuftsNow to read my companion written piece, too.

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