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The Fog

Between assignments yesterday, the desk heard a call about a possible stranded dolphin over the scanner, but we didn’t know where. Since I was already out, I combed the coast from Southie on down. Strangest thing, as I was getting close to the shore, there was some of the densest fog I’ve ever seen, and most of the beachgoers on an otherwise beautiful spring day were all going in the opposite direction.

I never did find that dolphin, but I did manage to run into this guy, Gary, who was grounded because of the fog and was waiting for his buddy Mike to come in from their fishing trip. Luckily, parking was ample, so I was able to hop out of the car and snap off a few frames of Gary in the fog. Good thing I did, because once I wrapped up, the sun started to burn off the fog, just as quickly as it had rolled in.

5.23.2010 — BOSTON — Gary O'Brien, of South Boston, waits at the shore of Boston Harbor at M Street Beach for his friend, Mike Nee, also of South Boston, who was caught in a fast-moving fog that caught and chased many beachgoers from the water. O'Brien was forced to come ashore using his compass, only seeing dry land when he ran aground.

Keep In Flight

One of my photojournalism mentors, John H. White, has a catch phrase: Keep In Flight. It’s his philosophy in life, and it could be interpreted a bunch of ways that I’ll let you dwell on for awhile.

Anyway, John made a habit out of photographing birds in flight, pretty much whenever he sees one, and he’d be sure to point out any birds in flight in our pictures when he taught my class in college.

This is my take on “Keep in Flight,” only I go for the biggest birds — Planes! I snapped this frame while waiting for Conan O’Brien to arrive at the Kennedy Library Foundation dinner earlier tonight. Conan showed up about 30 minutes late, so I had plenty of time to find ways to occupy myself…

5.23.2010 — BOSTON — A flight bound for Logan International Airport descends above the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Dorchester, Mass. on May 23, 2010.

Great Chow!

I did some work for my Uncle Bill last week, producing some images for the new sushi menu that is now being offered at his restaurant, Great Chow in Quincy, Mass. My aunt and uncle have been in the restaurant biz basically my entire life, so I pretty much grew up on their food — Eat the chicken wings!

Great Chow is easily their crown jewel, with a branch in Abington as well. The Quincy location recently underwent a major expansion and renovation, and my Uncle Bill was eager to start getting some customers through the door with what else? The new food menu.

Here’s some pictures of the finest sushi you’ll find in Greater Boston, in my opinion (full disclosure: this restaurant is, after all, in the family. But I did eat it and can vouch for its deliciousness).

5.13.2010 — QUINCY, Mass. — Great Chow Quincy's Lobster Salad Roll.

5.13.2010 — QUINCY, Mass. — Great Chow Quincy's Caterpillar Roll.

5.13.2010 — QUINCY, Mass. — Great Chow Quincy's Snow Mountain Roll.

Hungry yet? Head on over to Great Chow and tell them my photos got you there!

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