DIY Underwater Flash Housing

Here’s a little rig I set up earlier today for a shoot tonight with a friend of mine who is a landscape architect with ALL Landscaping of Northborough, Mass. Tonight’s shoot will involve a fountain, so to bring some depth to the water, I’m hoping to light it from within.

It’s always fun going to Wal-Mart and buying all sorts of weird stuff that will eventually be hacked into some kind of ghetto-style photo tool. If only those greeters knew what they were enabling…

Here we go:

1. Vivitar + Pocketwizard in a Ziploc container

2. Add water. And a brick.

I was hoping the frosted appearance of Ziploc container would act like a large Sto-Fen omnibounce to increase the size of the light source, but we’ll see how that plays out during the shoot.

3. Light that mother up!

Granted, this probably won’t work in water much deeper than two feet, but it’s cheaper than buying an underwater hard-wire rig to trigger lights.

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