Tearsheet: 4.15.2010 – People Magazine

Arguably the biggest story in Massachusetts receiving national attention this spring has been Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old girl who killed herself after what investigators say was a relentless barrage of bullying from her classmates in South Hadley, Mass. — there’s already a Wikipedia entry on the story. There’s still a trial to be had, and no doubt more investigation to be done, but the story only gets sadder and sadder as more details surface.

The media attention a few weeks ago was intense as the teens accused of the bullying were charged and arraigned. One of my assignments for the Herald was to stakeout the juvenile court and wait as some of the girls involved arrived to process their probation papers — hardly an enjoyable assignment in a lot of ways, but the people have a right to know about the disfunction in the South Hadley School District that created such a hostile environment.

One of my photos of accused bully Ashley Longe exiting the courthouse was picked up by People Magazine via Polaris, a stock agency that represents the Boston Herald, for their cover story on Phoebe Prince. Not bad placement for my first time being published in People.

Here’s my spread.

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