I recently started following photographer Chase Jarvis’ Twitter feed @chasejarvis. He’s been posting just about a photo a day off his iPhone, and as a new iPhone owner myself, I was pretty impressed by some of the results.

Sure, the quality is about what you’d expect from a cell phone camera — not going to be making any prints out of these — but I’m definitely interested in its street photography applications. I’m always up for shooting more, since I haven’t really shot every day since I got laid off from the paper. I figure this could be a way to do it. And with an iPhone app like Camera Bag, I can get some cool Holga-like effects out of it, just like this shot I got of my dad while we were doing some yard work today (I’ve had a Holga for awhile now, just been too lazy to run any film through it):


Hardly art, I know, but it’s really just a test run. I’m totally in love with this iPhone!

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