Tab lovin’

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been freelancing for the Boston Herald. Growing up a Globe guy, as well as being a former intern over there, I’ve sometimes chuckled at some of their sensational headlines and news judgment. But hey, it sells on the street, and definitely hearkens back to a different time of newspapering. Old school. Of course, the biggest way to generate some impact on the street is through images — gotta love that as a photojournalist.


And never did I get to see that in practice more than this story a few weeks ago. A fire ladder truck barreled down a slope in the Mission Hill neighborhood in Boston after its brakes failed, crashing into the library and computer center of an apartment building and killing a firefighter in the passenger seat. Inside were a bunch of kids, two of whom were injured. The girl on the front page and her brother were cut, required stitches, and were great to talk to! Pretty brave kids, given what happened to them.

Oh, and we totally scooped the Globe. It’s times like these where I love working for the underdog paper in town!

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