Monthly Archives: October 2008

Black on white

My friend Erica, who is a professional dancer, had a request for me a few months ago. She wanted to know if I could do some headshots and dance shots for her to submit for auditions and master’s class applications. I had never done anything like that, nor had I any clue as to what that meant.

It ended up being one of the most fun shoots I’ve done in awhile. Erica was easy to work with – I don’t think either one of us knew what we were trying to accomplish. But I think we were both pleased with the results. My idea was to keep things super conservative, just bust out the white seamless, plug in a few lights and focus simply on the form of the dancer. Or something like that.

Here’s what we got:


In the last year and a half or so before I left the Tribune, I was trying to carve out a niche for myself as a badass portrait guy. I doubt I got there, but a lot of my time was spent looking at other people’s work, reverse engineering their techniques and then putting my own spin on it.

A lot of this came from being one of the two shooters on the the prep football tab the year before. To have the freedom to carry my own ideas, and have free reign on whatever lighting I wanted, that was pretty cool. I didn’t have the time to follow through on the whole tab this year, since I was busy covering the Rays, but I tried my best with what I did get to do.

Here we go:

These two guys are defensive backs for Middleton High School. Kind of a stinky locker room, but no one was there, so I could try out my new softbox.

Funny how rain can change your photo plans. The idea was to have these two guys outside on the track, since they’re two of the fastest sprinters in the state. But the weightroom was good enough – cluttered like most HS weightrooms – but the laid-back relationship between these two cousins was great. It was nice to get some real emotion from these Hillsborough High football players, when so many are just trying to be the “tough guy.”